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Aftercare Products

Available for purchase in the salon, purchase at your next visit or contact us to organise pick up.


Cuticle Oil Pen $5

Pick up your own cuticle oil pen to keep your cuticles well hydrated. It is recommended to use cuticle oil daily for healthy nail growth. Primrose scented.


Nail Brush $3

A nail brush is perfect for cleaning the underneath of your nails. Especially good for longer lengths to remove dirt, food, makeup and more that may get stuck under your nails


24K Gold Collagen Lip & Eye Masks $5each

These lip & eye masks are a fun way to hydrate your skin! Collagen also assists in the reduction of fine lines. Perfect for a pamper day or a gift for a friend! Apply mask on clean skin and let sit for 20mins, take off and rub in residue. Each sold separately.


Lash Aftercare Kit $25 - Lash Cleanser, Cleansing Brush & Spoolie

Lash Cleanser $18

Lash Cleanser Refill Old Bottle $15

Bring in your original bottle for it to be refilled instead of paying for the cost of the bottle.

Lash Cleansing Brush $8

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