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Aftercare Products

Available for purchase in the salon

Cuticle Oil Pen $8

Pick up your own cuticle oil pen to keep your cuticles well hydrated. It is recommended to use cuticle oil daily for healthy nail growth


24K Gold Collagen Lip & Eye Masks $5each

These lip & eye masks are a fun way to hydrate your skin! Collagen also assists in the reduction of fine lines. Perfect for a pamper day or a gift for a friend! Apply mask on clean skin and let sit for 20mins, take off and rub in residue. Each sold separately.


Lash Aftercare Kit $25 - Lash Cleanser, Cleansing Brush & Spoolie

Lash Cleanser $18

Lash Cleanser Refill Old Bottle $15

Bring in your original bottle for it to be refilled instead of paying for the cost of the bottle.

Lash Cleansing Brush $8

We have our own line of beauty products under our secondary business name Royal Blossom Boutique

These products are available in the salon as well as online via for delivery or pick up.

Self-care Range

Perfect to treat yourself or buy as a gift for a friend!

Bath Salts

Our bath salts are essential to a relaxing, rejuvenating bath. The use of bath salts have many benefits including stress-relief, draws toxins from the body & assists in relieving muscle pain. Research also states that over time you may notice an increase in skin smoothness and hydration.


Rose Bath Salts $22

Bath Salts infused with Rose Essential Oil. 500g bag.


Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts $22

Bath Salts infused with Lavender Essential Oil. 500g bag.


Muscle Soak Bath Salts $22

Bath Salts infused with Grapefruit, Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils. 500g bag.

Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers are similar to bath bombs, but for the shower. The use of hot water releases the essential oils through steam providing a variety of benefits and creates a satisfying, therapeutic experience. 


Sinus Relief Shower Steamer $6

Our Sinus Relief Shower Steamer includes Blue Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lemon Myrtle Essential Oils. The combination of these oils assists in relieving a blocked nose & sinus issues. Please note, results may differ for each person. 


Relax & De-stress Shower Steamer $6

Our Relax & De-stress Shower Steamer includes Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense Essential Oils. The combination of these oils assists in stress-relief & relaxation. Please note, results may differ for each person.