The following contains my policies surrounding refunds, bookings, cancellations etc as well as my general terms & conditions. I highly recommend also reading the information on my 'Makeup', 'Nails' & 'Teeth Whitening' pages as well prior to booking your appointment to view information specific to your appointment.

General Information

If none of the information you require is on this page feel free to email bookroyalblossombeauty@gmail.com or message me on Instagram or Facebook. Please ensure you have no cold or flu-like symptoms and have not been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case. Maintain proper hygiene by washing and sanitising your hands regularly.

How to Book

Bookings can be made via our booking system: https://bookings.gettimely.com/royalblossombeauty/bb/book

Alternatively, you can email the email address listed above or message us on social media (instagram/facebook @royalblossombeauty). A deposit of $20 is required for EVERY appointment for it to be confirmed, this is done on PayPal using our booking system. It is recommended to book in 3-4 weeks prior or even earlier to secure the exact time you need. You can book up to 3 months in advance, for special events such as weddings, debs, etc requiring a booking made a while in advance, please contact us and we can book that for you. Appointments will only be made with more than 48hrs notice via the booking system, if you need a last minute appointment please contact us directly.

We recommend booking nail and teeth whitening appointments during the week if possible, as we require availability on weekends (specifically Saturdays) for our makeup appointments for special events. Please note appointments are not 100% confirmed until we confirm it on our end. All appointments take place in our studio in Melton. For home visit makeup appointments please contact us to book it for you as we need to ensure we can allocate time to packing/unpacking, travel & more.


Our typical working hours are Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm, but can differ each week as we are open by appointment only. If you need an appointment outside these hours please contact us.


24hrs prior to your appointment you should receive an SMS reminder, the address & link to a consultation form you must fill out. It may ask you to send a message to confirm your appointment as well. If you are a returning client at RBB, you will only need to fill out the consultation form once, unless; information has changed, or you are getting a different service than previously. It is automatically sent out, so you won't need to fill out again unless you need to.

For nails, please ensure you've booked in enough time for the nail art you want. A standard booking includes time for basic nail art. We have two add on time options to extend your appointment: 30mins (french, ombré, advanced hand painted art, etc) or 45mins (double line/outline french, full bling nail, detailed hand painted art like butterflies or flames w/ outline, etc). If you are unsure please contact us to get an estimate of how much time to book on top of the standard appointment. We may not be able to do the set you want on the day if you have not booked enough time.


Deposits are made through our booking system via PayPal. Final payments on the day can be made via cash or card transaction. Receipts can be provided. If you do not have PayPal please contact us to arrange a bank transfer.


Travel fees may occur for freelance makeup bookings depending on your location. This cost covers petrol usage, travel time and time spent packing/unpacking my professional kit as this time prevents me from working on other clients. Additional fees may apply if no free parking is available on the premises.


If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, it will most likely be cancelled as I usually have clients booked in afterwards, your deposit will not be refunded, the same goes for a no-show. We understand you can get stuck in traffic. So if you live outside of Melton, please leave earlier as even if your lateness isn’t your fault we may not have time to complete the appointment. Depending on the treatment, if you’re a little bit late we may be able to do it but not the full treatment, however you will still be charged full price. (e.g you’re 15mins late to your makeup appointment I can only do what I can in your appointment slot but you will still have to pay full price). Another example is for nails depending on how late you are I may be able to do nails with no nail art. Keep in mind the salon is near a school zone so during these times allow extra time. 


If you give me at least 24hrs notice before cancellation i'll happily refund the deposit. In the rare occasion I have to cancel, you will be refunded your deposit. If you have a freelance makeup appointment, and have both paid the deposit and travel fee, you will only be refunded the travel fee IF you have cancelled prior to me leaving for the appointment. No shows will be banned from rebooking an appointment again.


Please understand that this is a small business, each no show or cancelled appointment is time we could've allocated to a more reliable client. Us just keeping the $20 deposit doesn't even cover that time wasted or loss of income. 

Other reasons appointments may be cancelled: (deposit not to be refunded)

  • abusive behaviour

  • not following pre-appointment requirements (e.g. booked a set of nails but showing up with old nails on without having booked a removal prior - I have other clients booked in, I do not have time to remove nails AND reapply unless you have booked that in)

  • previously banned client rebooked under different name

  • excessive difficulty, nit-picking 

  • negotiating prices

  • inappropriate behaviour/conversation (politics, racial slurs, etc)

  • history of no shows

  • damaging property 


If you are unhappy with your makeup or nails you will need to let me know ASAP. I will continuously show you the makeup/nails throughout the appointment for you to approve. However, if you decide at the end of the appointment you want something major changed that will run past your designated appointment time I won't be able to change it. I do not offer refunds for change of mind, you will be asked if you're happy with the makeup/nails after each step. For teeth whitening, refunds will not be given if you do not follow aftercare instructions. The results are immediate so I will know how white your teeth have gotten throughout the treatment, upon leaving your appointment it is your dental hygiene, diet and drinking/smoking habits that impact your results. All aftercare instructions are always provided. For MYSTERY nail sets, the whole idea is to try something different and be surprised on the day, if you genuinely do not like the set designed you will still have the pay the value of the set, however I can file off the art and repaint the set one colour for an additional $10, depending on my availability. 

You are required to alert me of any allergies prior to your appointment, refunds will not be given for allergies I am not made aware of. Patch tests are recommended for certain products. Other examples include: requesting a non-waterproof mascara or eyeliner, then crying or swimming, I cannot provide a refund if it comes off. If your nails break within 7 days of your appointment, I can fix the broken nails for free, after the 7 day mark it is $5 per nail for a fix excluding cost of any nail art, you will not receive a refund. If you are intentionally rough with your nails, picking or biting with them or rubbing, smearing your makeup, you will not be refunded. Please visit the 'Nails' & 'Makeup' pages for my post-appointment aftercare advice. If I have warned you prior that your natural nails aren't suitable for nail enhancements and won't last and you still want them done, I cannot refund them if they break off.


For physical products sold in the salon such as cuticle oils, strip lashes, lash cleansers & more, I do not offer refunds unless the product is faulty.

Bundle Deals

At Royal Blossom Beauty we have now introduced bundle deals. These allow you to receive a discount for multiple services. Our current bundles include makeup applications with trials and teeth whitening full treatments & touch ups. Through our booking system, there is no way to set up a bundle deal in two or more appointments - such as a makeup trial on one day & the full application weeks later. We have found the best way for you to use a bundle deal you will need to book in both appointments included in the bundle deal for your desired dates through our booking system as normal, paying the $20 deposit for each service, ignoring the price listed on the site. On the day of your first appointment you will pay the normal cost of that service (subtracting the $20 deposit already made), and on the final appointment you will pay any remaining costs of the bundle deal (subtracting the other $20 deposit). 

Example: A makeup application or trial is typically $70each. The bundle deal makes it $130 for one of each. Using the booking system, book in your trial for your desired date and then the makeup application for the day of your event. $20 deposits are required for each appointment (2x$20, $40 to be already paid). The day of your trial you would pay $70 (standard cost) - $20 deposit for that appointment = $50, and on the final appointment you would pay whatever cost is remaining, subtracting the deposit for that appointment, so only $40. Bringing the total to $130. 

Although it may sound confusing, we have found this to be the best method for us that works across any type of appointment or cost and is a great way to make your appointments more affordable. If you need an estimate of what is to be paid on what day for your bundle deal, please contact us. 

Keep in mind this cost does not include any travel fees for freelance makeup appointments. If you get one treatment done and cancel the other treatments involved in the bundle you pay full price for the treatment you got done as it is no longer a bundle deal. Please view our pricelist for up to date bundle deals.


Children are not allowed in the salon for safety reasons as there is plenty of unsafe chemicals and breakables. Any verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Your appointment can be cancelled at any time due to negativity throughout emails, messages and in person. You will be asked to leave immediately and will not be refunded. You will be unable to book in again. There is a bathroom available on the premises as well as drinking water. Driveway and street parking is available, salon entrance is on the left of the property. I do not accept walk-ins, appointments must be made prior to arriving at the premises as it will not be tended to 24/7. Avoid wearing wet (or developing) fake tan to your appointment, as you may be liable for any damage or staining of equipment and furniture.

Loyalty System, Referral Program & Email Marketing

LOYALTY  SYSTEM - You can collect a business/loyalty card at your appointment which allows you to receive $10 off your 10th appointment. Stamps will be given for each appointment valued over $40. The amount of stamps you have will also be tracked by me, so you will not receive the discount if you have stamped it yourself. 


REFERRAL PROGRAM - You can refer a friend and both get $5 off your next appointment. Your friend will need to mention your full name when paying saying you referred them and they will get $5 off, then you will get $5 off on your next appointment as well. You can also mention this in the booking notes when booking through our online booking system. You'll need to refer a different person each time to be able to get the discount. Once your referred person's appointment is completed and paid for, only then will you be valid for the discount. 

EMAIL MARKETING - For appointments made via the online booking system, you are asked if you want to subscribe to our newsletter. For appointments made via us directly, if you have provided your email in your consultation form, it is automatically added to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Our newsletter is only used for announcements, deals & discounts and promotion of products/services.

Health & Age Requirements

As mentioned previously please let me know of any allergies prior to your appointment. Also visit the 'Makeup', 'Nails' or 'Teeth Whitening' pages prior to your appointment to ensure you do not have any contagious conditions in the areas being serviced. Please do not book in if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. Age restrictions for beauty services do apply. For Teeth Whitening you must be 18+, you may be asked for photo ID. Nails we can do gel polish on 14+ (with parental consent) but for extensions or gel overlays we only do 16+. For a very basic "kids" makeup (blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss only) we're happy to do 5+. For a full face with no lashes 10+, with lashes 14+. For all makeup under 14 years of age, parental consent is required. 

Social Media

During or at the end of your appointment, I may ask if I can take before and/or after photos or video content of my work. It's completely up to you if you're happy for me to do so, I will always ask prior! Photo/video content is only used for social media, website & marketing purposes. If you change your mind in the future just message me and I can take photos down:)

Gift Vouchers

We are happy to announce that we now offer GIFT VOUCHERS. These are to be purchased online via this link: https://bookings.gettimely.com/royalblossombeauty/bb/purchase?giftVoucherId=196785 

HOW TO PURCHASE: By clicking the link you will be able to insert a custom value amount for the voucher, to and from, a short message and be able to pay. Payments made via PayPal. You will receive an invoice as well as the voucher by email. You can either print the voucher to give to your chosen recipient or during purchase you can enter their email for it to be sent to them. 

HOW TO USE: If you would like to use some of the balance for your deposit you can do so when booking online. Once you've selected the appointment time and date, you will see the total amount as well as the deposit amount. There will be an option to add gift voucher code (code provided on voucher). This will use the required funds from the voucher. On the day of your appointment, if you have balance remaining on your voucher you can provide us with the voucher code or we can search it up manually in our system and it will take away that amount from your total.

TERMS: Vouchers expire after 1 year (will be extended if impacted by COVID-19), the voucher can only be used by one person and is redeemable for SERVICES ONLY. This voucher cannot be refunded for cash and can only be used as credit towards appointments. Please do not share code with anyone as once the amount is used it is voided from our system. 

These vouchers are the perfect gift for friends/family birthdays, christmas, mothers day, valentines day & more!