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This page includes information regarding manicure services we offer, what to book and how to maintain your results.



Appointment recommendations for a better result:

  • Avoid touching hair/face during appointment as they contain natural oils that impact your nail retention and can cause lifting. 

  • The gel is sticky. once gel is applied to the natural nails, the tips or throughout polish application, please don’t touch your clothing, there will be endless amounts of lint & fluff on the nails and if I don’t notice it before the nail is cured it will be set in the nail. We will not be removing an entire nail over a minor flaw of any kind.

  • When nails are not sticky or not needed i’m happy for you to use your phone as long as the opposite hand is kept completely still, even if you’re typing with the unused hand you may be moving both without intending to.

  • We acknowledge shaking/twitching may occur naturally and sometimes is unpreventable, but please understand with precise designs such as french this can impact the quality of our work. If caffeine causes you to twitch please don’t have any until after your appointment. If you a prone to moving around during the appointment we do not recommend detailed designs.

  • Have a general idea of what you want prior. I’m happy to compare a couple shapes, colours & sizes but there is not enough time in an appointment to spend excessive time researching designs, we have an inspiration folder (view above) to make your life easier when searching for nail art ideas we can do prior to the appointment. On the day we're happy for you to view our colour range to pair with your chosen design.

  • Be sure of your nail art choices before proceeding, some nail art cannot be removed if you change your mind without damaging the extension just applied. For physical objects such as rhinestones, stickers, glitter, etc you may still be charged for the materials as we cannot reuse again on someone else. We check if you're happy before putting in the lamp, once cured we cannot remove the art on the nail and often it cannot be covered. Some art may not be removable even before curing, so please be sure prior.

  • Please follow aftercare instructions listed above to ensure longevity of the nails. Please understand not everyones nails are suitable for extensions, and some may be fine with acrylic but not with gel. If we are following all required steps to cater to your nails but you still aren't having long lasting results, you may need to try another nail system better suited to you. Nail fixes are only free for first 7 days IF aftercare results are followed. If you have a history of lifting and breakage, and we have done all that we can, we will not be offering continuous free fixes. And yes, we know when your nail has been picked off or suffered trauma. 

  • Crooked nails/fingers - most people suffer with crooked nails or fingers, we will try our best to correct crooked nails by placing the tip in a way to make it appear straighter. However, it may not be completely straight as the tip fits the natural curvature of your nails, applying the nail on an angle doesn't always allow for a snug fit and may cause lifting. Please keep in mind not all fingers are straight and symmetrical, and even if your finger is straight, your natural nail will be crooked, we will adjust tips as much as possible.

  • Bitten nails - if your nails are badly bitten that the skin at the tip of your finger is actually raised higher than the nail, the extensions will not last. The extension adheres to the nail and will not adhere properly as the skin will be pushing it off.

  • We do not offer free fixes if we have informed you that they will not last. 

  • We specialise in gel nails only and do not offer acrylics or SNS.

The primary nail service offered at Royal Blossom Beauty are Soft Gel Extensions commonly known as brand names  'Gel X', or 'Gelly Press'. They are not the same as acrylic or SNS. We also offer Builder Gel (BIAB) Manicures and Gel Polish "shellac". 

What are Soft Gel Extensions, BIAB & Gel Polish?

Soft Gel Extensions are a nail enhancement using a full-cover tip, adhered with gel. They require a full set everytime. They are pre-shaped and come in multiple lengths. We recommend selecting as close to the shape and length as you want as the more the tips are shorted and reshaped, the structure and strength is impacted. These extensions are a lot more lightweight and flexible compared to acrylics. They are adhered with gel (no glues) and is odour-free. Due to getting a fresh set each time, you can change up the length and shape whenever you please and the shape will be close to perfect! We stock gel extensions in short, medium, long, extra long & extreme lengths. The length of the extension suitable for you will be based on your lifestyle and the length and strength of your natural nails.

Builder Gel or "Builder in a bottle" is a soft gel often used as an overlay on natural nails. It is a lightweight gel overlay that adds strength to the natural nails. Builder Gel is not an extension. Builder Gel can be refilled. Due to the added strength, builder gel can assist in nail growth as it helps to prevent breakage of natural nails. We recommend this enhancement to grow out your nails to a short-medium length.

If your aim is to grow out your natural nails you can start from builder gel and be patient with the process, or begin with extensions and switch to builder gel once you're happy with the length of your natural nails.

If you do not want any enhancement for strength or lengths purposes, and simply just want colour painted on your natural nails, a Gel Polish Manicure will be best suited for you. Gel Polish, commonly known by popular brand name "shellac", is a nail polish that sets under UV light. It is longer lasting than regular nail polish. It must be soaked off with acetone, however, it is super easy to remove as its only a polish, not an enhancement, so it is very thin. It adds no strength or length to your nails, it simply works as a colour.

Gel enhancements are much faster to soak off than acrylics.

Who is NOT suitable for gel products overall?

- those working with lots of chemicals and are unable to wear gloves

- those who have allergies or skin reactions to gel products or 'HEMA'

How often should I book appointments?

Reapplication and refill times really just depends on the growth rate on your nails because everyone is different! Regular appointments are important as the longer the nail grows out, the more weight is put onto the free-edge, meaning the nail is more likely to lift or break which can be painful and even cause damage to your natural nails. Personally I recommend booking a nail appointment every 2-3 weeks. The sooner you can book this appointment the better as I can make sure I've got availability so you don't miss out. The longer you go between appointments, the more your enhancement, as well as your natural nails, are prone to chips and breaks.


All metal implements and drill bits are disinfected and sterilised above to the local council requirements. We have a Class B, TGA-approved autoclave in salon, which offers medical level sterilisation. All single-use tools are disposed of.

Nail fixes:

Please ensure you follow the aftercare advice for your nail enhancements. If you experience issues with your nails, you may be eligible for a free fix if needed.

Free fixes are only available:

  • if issue arises within 3 days of the appointment

  • nail lifts or "pops off" naturally even after following ALL aftercare

  • nail cracks (BIAB only) even after folllowing ALL aftercare

  • chipping of polish or design

We do not offer free fixes if:

  • nails have been bitten off

  • trauma has been occurred to nail (knocked nail, pulled off)

  • nails have been melted by heat or chemicals

  • minor imperfections (fluff in nail, slightly crooked nail)

  • rhinestones/charms knocked off - these are not suitable for all lifestyles

  • nail extension has been broken - these tips are extremely durable and have been tried & tested, if you manage to break an extension you are too rough with them, remember "nails are jewels not tools"

  • you have been warned that the enhancement may not last on your nails (either short nail beds, bitten nails, damaged nails, etc)

These fixes are $10+ per nail, as it can take 30mins just to fix the one nail, this cost does not include nail art.


Keep in mind my aftercare recommendations to prevent breakage and lifting. Also keep in mind, nail enhancements do not last as long on shorter, oily, bitten or damaged nails. I cannot work on damaged nails as it can cause further damage. I am happy to do a set on shorter or bitten nails, however, I cannot guarantee the longevity, especially with longer lengths.


During the appointment I continuously check if you're happy with the shape, length, colour etc. Costs vary due to change of mind, and may need a seperate appointment to change depending on time remaining in appointment. Colour changes are $30 for Gel X & BIAB, this does not include cuticle work, product refill, removal or reapplication. It is simply removal of colour and repainting.

Nail Art:

Please view our Pricelist to view nail art costs. If you're after a specific nail art, it's best to send us an image beforehand to avoid disappointment on the day if we cannot perform it, to get a quote, and also know how much time you need to book in. We may be able to learn how to do the art or purchase the tools/products if we don't have them already to do so. For your convenience, we have created a Google Drive file containing various nail art images for inspiration for your next set. These images are a mix of our previous work as well as other talented nail tech's work that we can recreate with the skills and products we have at RBB as closely as we can.

Click here to view files

Nail services at RBB are for strictly 16+ years of age.

Before your appointment:

Bookings can be completed online. All nail sets include PLAIN COLOUR ONLY. 

If you want nail art of any kind, please contact us prior with an inspiration photo so we can provide you an accurate quote, as well as let you know what art package add on to book.

If this is not done and you book no nail art, or not enough nail art time, we may not be able to complete the nail art. If you book excessive nail art time that is not needed, you will be charged the package booked.

A reference photo also helps us check if we have the tools, colours and skills to perform the art chosen prior.


We offer nail art packages based on time and price of work, these are 'from' prices only, additions such as charms or other art forms may incur additional costs.

Avoid caffeine if it causes you to flinch or shake.

You must have NO product on the nails. If you have product on, please book in a removal with your full set. I only offer reapplications of my own work. If you are booking for nails you must have bare nails.


Ensure you have no infections or extreme wounds on the hands and nails. This includes: fungal infections, severe psoriasis/eczema/dermatitis, cuts near the nail, bruising of the nail plate, nail separation, herpes on the hands, warts, etc. If your nails are damaged please send a photo prior as we are unable to work on certain damage.

After your appointment:

I recommend applying cuticle oil daily to promote healthy nail growth and hydrate the cuticles. We sell Cuticle Oil Pens in the salon for $5 each which are super easy to keep in your handbag!


When handling cleaning products, gardening, or when exposed to harsh chemicals I highly recommend wearing gloves as certain chemicals can break down the gel nail product. Avoid nails touching extremely hot surfaces: hot hair tools, hot plates, flames (be careful when using lighters), using heat guns, etc. Avoid eating staining foods such as curries or marinated foods with your hands to prevent staining.


Do not use your nails as tools! Please refrain from using your nails to open things or be really rough as it can cause lifting or breakage which can be painful and cause damage to the natural nails. 


Book in your new sets asap to ensure I’m not booked out! The longer you go past your recommended redesign date, the more fragile your nails will be!

Do not bite, pick or pull at your nails. If you want to remove your nails for any reason the best option is to book in a removal. If you want to remove them yourself please do so safely by cutting length off, filing down as much of the product as you can, soaking in acetone and scraping product off. Please do not lift or pull off nails as it can be painful and damage your natural nails, which can impact your ability to get nails again.

Please note, not everyones nails are suited for extensions. Some may be fine with acrylic and not gel as they are not used to the enhancement. We do offer free nail fixes for the first 3 days IF the nail as popped off or come off due to product adhesion, however, if we have applied the nails properly and you're still experiencing lifting or breakage, the nails may not be suitable for you and we will not be continuously doing free fixes.

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