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If you have never booked with me before this page will provide the details on how to prepare for your appointment and how to maintain your results after your appointment! 

Before your appointment:

Please come to the appointment with no makeup, lash extensions are excepted if you are getting no lashes in your appointment. It's also best to come to your appointment with lightly-exfoliated skin to ensure theres no dry patches or patchy fake tan on the day as makeup can cling to these areas and enhance them. It is ideal that your eyebrows are shaped prior as I will be able to spend less time shaping them and more time on the face and eyeshadow. 

It is ideal to come with an inspiration photo (this can be work of my own or by other artists) as I can have a better indication of the desired look. As your idea of 'natural', 'smokey eye' or 'soft glam' may differ to mine.

FAKE TAN - Keep in mind green based fake tans are extremely hard to colour match with foundations. Most brands don't offer shades suitable for artificial undertones. We will match as best as we can. 

If wanting eyeliner or false eyelashes ensure you do not have permed/lifted lashes.

Appointment recommendations: Do not chew gum as you will be moving a lot, for detailed eye work I may slightly lean on your face for precision. Avoid caffeine as this can cause fluttering of the eyes. 


If you have any CONTAGIOUS skin conditions such as conjunctivitis, herpes (coldsore) and more it is best to reschedule as I cannot risk contaminating my tools and products.

After your appointment:

Avoid rubbing, touching or wetting your face as it could remove the makeup.


I have some waterproof products available: mascara, eyeliner and a few long-lasting lipsticks so make sure to request these if required. I also offer free touch up kits which is highly recommended for brides and debutantes or when wearing bright lip colours. The kit includes a sample of the lipstick used in a small container with applicators to touch up if needed. Powder can be provided as well if you need it. The eyelash glue is not waterproof, if you struggle with lashes not lasting on you, this may be due to watery eyes, eye shape, hooded eyes, natural oils on your eyelids or they may not be suitable for you.


Makeup Trials:

Trials are highly recommended for brides and debutantes so we can perfect the look you want for your big day and see how the makeup looks in photos and how it lasts on your skin


Trials are priced the same as a standard appointment and are definitely recommended so you are happy with your makeup on the day of your event


Please keep in mind, makeup can cover most pigmentation & colour but does not change texture. For example: it can cover the redness of acne making it less visible but won't change the texture. Makeup does not make fine lines and wrinkles disappear. On hooded eyes, eyeliner may appear thicker due to smaller amount of space, most eyeshadow made not be visible. On more mature skin, more creasing may occur, eye makeup (especially eyeliner) may not apply as smoothly due to many tiny folds in the skin. 


When providing a photo of a makeup look you would like, keep in mind it will not look exactly the same on every person. Everyone has different face, eye and lips shapes and sizes. Colours will be adjusted on different skintones.

We understand sometimes younger children want a little bit of makeup on (flower girls, etc), however, we do have an age requirement for makeup. For a very basic "kids" makeup (blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss only) we're happy to do 5+. For a full face with no lashes 10+, with lashes 14+. For all makeup under 14 years of age, parental consent is required. However, we cannot be held accountable for any skin irritation or allergies. We always recommend 16+.

Freelance Bookings:

All beauty appointments booked online take place in my studio, however I can provide freelance appointments for makeup appointments for groups of 3 or more. This will depend on my availability, if I have a lot of clients I may not have the time to pack and travel back & forth in-between bookings. Freelance bookings in 3337, 3338 & 3335 have no travel fee. However anything outside these postcodes, there is a $10 fee for every 20km travelled (one way). An additional $10 deposit will be required for the travel fee, the remainder will be added to the total cost of the appointment. To book a freelance appointment, please contact us directly as I will need to ensure I have time to travel.

Early bird fees apply for appointments before 9am as well as a base freelance fee of $20 for ALL freelance appointments on top of the travel fee.


Please keep in mind I cannot carry all of the products I own to every appointment, I typically carry the basics I need, however, if you want a really specific look e.g. green eyeshadow, let me know in advance so I can bring coloured palettes as well, same as if you want glitter, etc as I can only carry so much. It is also a great help to know your approximate skintone in advance as well so I can ensure I bring the foundation, concealer, bronzer, etc shades to suit your skintone allowing more space in my kit for additional items:)

A chair as well as table space is required for all appointments. Good lighting (particularly near a window) is ideal for the best result. I am fine with kids and pets as long as they're not impacting my ability to do your makeup or touching my kit items. Damage will be included in the final price. 


If there is no free parking available on-site, parking costs will be included in the total appointment cost as well.


At RBB, we take hygiene seriously. All of our makeup brushes are throughly washed & sanitised in between clients, and disposable tools are used whenever possible. We only use one makeup sponge per person and it is disposed of at the end of the appointment, or you can take it home upon request.

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